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Making Healthy Choices Since 2020.

Capital City Wraps began its journey in early 2020 with one goal: To make healthy food you actually want to eat.

As months turned to years and our team gained more experience spanning both coasts and everywhere in between, so has our menu. For far too long health food is associated with the moniker of bland and boring food. Gone are the days where everything is jam packed with iceberg lettuce. We are here to give you flavor and options when it comes to your produce. Street food has been wowing tastebuds for centuries. Just not until now could it also be light, crisp, and health centered as well.

Today, Capital City Wraps is a party favorite throughout Colorado. From corporate caterings to graduations and beyond, there’s no truck better equipped at making health centric food desirable. We truly do enjoy showing our artistic abilities as well as creative flavor combinations that keep your heavy, greasy regrets at bay.

Since joining the Food Truck Avenue family, Captial City Wraps has only gotten smarter. We were able to become more stable and learn numerous new cooking techniques from our other trucks. Wherever or whenever our next meal together happens, we can’t wait to have you be a part of our journey.

Food Truck Avenue

Multiple Trucks, One Group

Capital City Wraps is proud to be operated under Food Truck Avenue, a one-stop shop for all your event and catering needs. Food Truck Avenue operates numerous of Colorado’s favorite food trucks under one umbrella. Food Truck Avenue provides next-level catering for breweries, parties, weddings, and workplace events. Between our diverse menus and our friendly service, we are constantly rated Denver’s best food trucks for a reason. 

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